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Like I said on my last channel, whether or not I leave DA for good or come back, KCH is probably going to be abandoned, however, there are three friends and three artists that I want to acknowledge in this final journal.

1. :iconruisunin:
RUISUNIN WAS THERE SINCE THE VERY BEGINNING, HE WAS THERE WHEN I HAD NO WATCHERS (technically 1, but Masked-Dolls left DA soon after) AND IS SIMPLY JUST A GREAT ARTIST, FRIEND AND HUMAN BEING. I had no idea that a Yoshi fandom existed, but I'm well aware of it now. I have literally known Ruisu all 3 years as KrimsonCapedHatter, and he continues to inspire me and others with his art. He is the best traditional artist I know that isn't a professional, which is astounding given his age. I would not be artist nor man I am today without Ruisu.

2. :icondullvivid:
Sometimes I wonder why humanity gave us DV/Kane. When you can master digital art, NSFW and SFW art, be bursting with personality, and rock a pair of glasses, I believe you have reached peak in human development. Aside from BrendanCorris, Dull is one of those top artist I feel that everyone should be aware of and his art style is recognizable automatically. His characters, especially the Ravencrofts are fun to see interact with each other, and he's an overall  great dude and artist. Also, he likes Vinesauce and Samurai Jack. +5 extra thick points.

3. :icondarkmistfromtheclans:
I still have no idea what that username means. Everyone should have a best bud, whether it be in person or over the web. Darkmist is mine you could say. Despite her age, Darkmist or Rachel... Rochelle is quite literally more mature and better at art than 50% of the users on this site. Even though I'm technically still a teen, Darkmist's meme-filled art takes me back to my Freshman year of high school, where memes reign king, Trump Steaks were no longer on the market, and life was good...which it still is. A lot of Darkmist's art comes off as fandom related but with genuine effort and a charming art style. I've only watched Supernatural once, but Darkmist's gallery and IG sometimes makes me feel as if I've seen the whole series. Also, "Irene" is probably in my top five for favorite OCs.

4. :icontheonetruedax:
TheOneTrueDax is the most underrated artist I came across on this site. I said it in my Deviant Questionnaire two years ago, I'll say it again. I absolutely adore David's original comic "Silverado the Flying Squirrel". I regret never reading all of it, but it is one of my favorite fan-comics, not just for the Sonic fandom, but all fandoms in general. He's been arounf for 12 years on this site, and I am his only watcher (not sure if anything happened in the years before meeting him so he may have had more). We all have lives to live but it's cool to see that TOTD is still log in on occasion.

5. :iconleggy-o:
This one is long so bewarned.
When I was young and stupid I made Sonic fandom related page over Facebook during my junior high years. It was originally a genuine page as I was very hype for the upcoming "Sonic Generations" at the time. Legs was also a SEGAnaut and fellow Sonic fan, but are relationship wasn't really an admirable one. We were like rivals a bit, her following grew to be massive over FB, mine slightly over her's on Flipnote Hatena (damn I'm old, haven't heard that in years). Eventually, with all my pre-teen angst, I'm pretty sure I did something or said something that screwed everything up and severed ties between us all together. We both eventually ended up deleting our pages (mine only last a year I think) and just moved on. UNTIL NOW. I think a year ago I "re-met" Legs over DA, since I'd knew she'd be there. Even though we've both have made up (she and I barely remember what happened), things have been swell. Her art slowly is renewing my interest in the Sonic franchise, and just like me being excited for Generations, I'm excited for Sonic Forces and Sonic Mania. Legs also inspired me to dabble in digital art, but I suck at it and can't use a mouse to save my life. It may be a stretch to say, but even though all the hardship, even though Darkmist and AlienOutsider are my uno amigos, Legs has "stood" the test of time. (GET IT CAUSE I'VE KNOWN HER FOR FIVE YEARS AND HER NICKNAME IS LEGS???111 HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA).

Thank you all for making my return to DA a great experience! I hope to come back again, again someday! :D Thank You Hearts Sign Llama Emoji-62 (Rawr I'll get you) [V3] I love you :flyinglove Naruto Dancing New DA Logo (Badges) Fella Heart Kiss (Love) Natsuki Shinomiya (Super hug) [V1] Hug hug 


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United States
Void inhabitant from the Void. I'm an amateur student artist from the US of A. I enjoy the company of fellow artists (especially obscure ones) and draw others' OC from time to time to show my gratitude. After leaving DA before, I returned in 2014 and have been trying to improve in the digital but mostly traditional arts.


Misc. Stamps:
- Godzilla Stamp - by FelipeChoque SEGA / Sonic Team Stamp by Super-Hedgehog Stamp: Caddicarus by Toxic-Chuckle I Hate Everything Fan Stamp by The-Dorito-Butler pixel PSP by silver-escape The Beatles Cartoon Stamp by lichtstadt


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NemiCrow Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Student General Artist
Thank you for the fav! 
KrimsonCapedHatter Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
No problem!
Lytrigian Featured By Owner Edited Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm not sure why you asked me to elaborate on a couple of points and then closed your thread so that I couldn't, but since I've already put some time into writing it I'll paste it in here.

When it comes to religious artifacts, it kind of depends. If they turned out to indeed be wholly inert, with none of the properties ascribed to them by belief -- for instance, the Ark was supposed to strike dead anyone who touched it who was ritually unqualified -- we'd be justified in thinking those properties to be mere legend. After all, there's nothing particularly startling in and of themselves about a gilded chest, or a cup once used by an itinerant rabbi. (As far as the Last Supper itself goes, Hasidic leaders do something similar to this very day. What would it prove to retrieve a cup used by a rebbe for his latest tish?) Just as, to use another example, the existence of the blade of Charlemagne's sword Joyeuse does not compel us to take as historical all the details of La Chanson de Roland. Or, were one to break into the treasury of Atsuta-jingu and retrieve the Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, would that prove the Emperor of Japan is literally descended from the Amaterasu, or that the battle between Susanoo and Yamata-no-Orochi really happened?

1. Measuring physical effects is what science does. If miracles or blessings actually had an effect in the physical world, then they could be measured. Since every attempt to do so has found nothing, we'd be justified in believing there's nothing there. It's not just that they're "considered coincidences when they occur", it's that whenever a measurement is made the results of invoking divine intervention, the result is absolutely indistinguishable, in statistical terms, from coincidence. It's been positively demonstrated that intercessory prayer does nothing. In one study, people recovering from heart surgery were randomly prayed for, or not, and their cases were followed to see what happened.… Interestingly, there was a "nocebo" effect here. Those who were certain they'd be prayed for were more likely to experience complications than those who didn't know whether anyone would pray for them.

2. Agnosticism is rational, but it's a different domain than theism/atheism. Theism or atheism is a statement of belief; agnosticism is a statement of knowledge. It's perfectly possible to admit ignorance as to whether God exists on rational grounds, and so be agnostic, yet profess belief as a matter of faith, and so be theist. (The opposite of agnosticism would be gnosticism, but this is also the name of a syncretic religious movement and so is subject to confusion.) In fact, you're correct to point out that the God professed by Christianity and other monotheistic faiths is ultimately unknowable; thus far Christianity actually requires a certain degree of agnosticism.
KrimsonCapedHatter Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Also I asked you to elaborate because I personally love cognitive dissonance. Even though I really don't have a vendetta against skeptics or believers, I myself, am Protestant. I am at the point in my life where it's highly unlikely that my views would change drastically, but I love hearing viewpoints from others, especially nonbelievers. You're probably the most non-bias source I've come across, which helps greatly.

Also, since pretty much pointed out I'm a theist at this point, I hope I didn't come across as bias or condensing. :|
Lytrigian Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
You love cognitive dissonance? As in, you love seeing it in others? Because it's no fun to deal with.

There was a time when I thought my views wouldn't change drastically either. But then they did.
KrimsonCapedHatter Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I'm sorry. I'm not great at explaining or conveying thoughts. Pretty much, I like hearing different sides, then reflecting on my own views.
KrimsonCapedHatter Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Sorry about that Lytrigan. It was acting up on my end, so I closed it.
DerpCatMCDraws Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
im back. but more cringey than before. and if you remember me, props to you. ur art is kool. i respec dat.

cat out.
KrimsonCapedHatter Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
DerpCatMCDraws Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Hobbyist Artist

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